Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy follows the Chikitsa Krama in Yoga which focuses on addressing specific therapeutic requirements through subtle practices in Yoga. Key features of a personalised yoga therapy practice are:

> Personalised attention to the individual's condition, needs and abilities.
> A customised yoga practice that focuses on a progression from pacification of symptoms (samanam) to building strength through cleansing (shodhanam), moving towards holistic well being of the individual (ārogyam).
> Customised frequency of engagement for sessions with the yoga therapist.
> A practice that takes into account physical, physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual requirements of the student.
> Yoga course plan shared in the form of a PDF document with stick figure drawings and instructions.
> Course designed with the intention to make the student independent in his / her own practice over a period of time.
> Classes are conducted over Zoom video calls, unless otherwise agreed upon during consultation.

Classes are taught by Hariprasad Varma, an internationally accredited yoga therapist (C-IAYT) in the Sri T Krishnamacharya - Desikachar tradition. He learnt yoga therapy under the guidance of Smt. Saraswati Vasudevan, co-founder of YogaVahini. For more details and specific clarifications, feel free to email or connect on WhatsApp at +91-9966900337.

If you feel ready to start your personalised yoga journey, you may fill out the form below and the consultation form in the next page. Drop a message on WhatsApp or call Hari on +91-9966900337 after this to set up a time for the session.

1. There is no free or demo session. All sessions are paid sessions.

2. Please sign up for 1-1 session only if you are ready to start on a long-term sustainable yoga practice journey. The minimum number of sessions to sign up is 10 sessions at a time. If you are looking for test classes or one-off sessions, this is not the right program for you.

3. Recommended frequency of sessions is weekly once. We may agree for a more frequent engagement on a need-basis in the initial months if the need is expressed during the consultation session.

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