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About Mananam

Mananam in Sanskrit means to reflect upon what has been listened to (shravanam). When one is able to reflect upon an idea for a period of time with a mind that is anchored in quietness, it opens up possibilities for insights about the self and the world around. A mantra is defined in the scriptures as 'mananāt trāyate iti mantra', i.e., a sustained repetition (Mananāt) of that which protects (trāyatē) from all miseries arising from bondage or cycles from birth and death is called a mantra.

In this Mananam series, we curate a self-reflective space for practitioners of yoga to reflect upon key ideas around health and healing through books, articles, and videos by authentic teachers from the Yoga tradition. As a community, we will come together once a month to share our personal reflections around the topics that are selected for the month.

This is purely an effort for a deeper personal study and engagement with the Yoga community from around the world. All practitioners at all levels are welcome to join. There is no course fee as such, but you are welcome to donate any amount that you feel comfortable to sustain the space.


Course Curriculum

Hariprasad Varma

Hariprasad Varma is a Yogapreneur and Transformation Coach. He is the founder of Yogaśāla and Zensei, and part of the core team of Ritambhara Ashram. He transitioned from a successful career in digital marketing working with companies like Google & Amazon to pursue his passion for yoga and coaching. Hari regularly curates yoga based wellness retreats and workshops across India and abroad, as well as works as a leadership and transformational coach for professionals and companies.


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